Helping Users Work More Efficiently through an Innovative App.


Implementing DevOps for an award-winning email app

Helping Users Work More Efficiently through an Innovative App.

Who is Postbox?

Postbox is an impressive and powerful email application that helps with organization, prioritization, and increased productivity. Founded by several former developers from Mozilla, Postbox is debatably one of the best email apps for the Mac and PC having released over 50 updates since 2008.

How we helped them

We met the wonderful people at Postbox in 2015. At that time they had recently launched their new site, but were wanting to develop a few new features as well as implement DevOps. Two key features we were responsible for was the redesign of their homepage as well as implementing an integration with Braintree Payments to provide a payment processor directly on their website. Updates were made to their CMS Platform (Craft CMS) as well as their point of sale system, which was built with Laravel 5.

Additionally, we implemented error reporting, so if something were to go wrong with a purchase, it would automatically send an email and create a support ticket on their Zendesk portal. As mentioned before, improving DevOps was an extremely important priority. We were successfully able to manage the website infrastructure, direct control of server management, streamline the deployment process, and set up continuous integration with Travis CI.

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